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Sunday, 6 May 2012

3 down, quite a lot to go

So - having promised myself I wouldn't buy a stitch more fabric until I had made a considerable dent in the stash I already have and don't have room for, I now have three quite pretty cushions but only one old table cloth used up; it's gonna take a while.  And somehow, my stash has mysteriously grown over the weekend - ah yes, that'd be due to a very happy Saturday morning at the antiques fair, where I found some lovely red velvet and the assortment of goodies below. I'm particularly pleased with the teacake stand which polished up quite well, and the album of little photos; it seems so sad that they've been abandoned, but I'll breath a second life into them somehow.  Couldn't afford any of the gorgeous old blankets I saw, but did manage a handful of scraps which should stitch up nicely into something... meanwhile, they've been added to the stash.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Well finally I'm back on it, prompted by my little sister's birthday looming in May and inspired by a lovely piece of lime green velvet given to me by young Jane; and I have to say I'm am rather pleased with the result, which is bright and bold and I hope right up my sister's rather stylish street.  I now need lots more bright colours to experiment further - oops, there goes my 'no more fabric until I've cleared out my cupboards' rule.