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Friday, 20 January 2012

Happy Birthday Flower!

Here's a little card I made last week (week before? time flies...) for my lovely friend Jo's birthday. I was a bit disappointed because the petals are a bit wishy-washy - I don't think my sense of colour is very good, I find it hard to visualise the end result before I get there. But I was dead chuffed with the actual result: Jo's delight in receiving it, which made me very happy.  

Meanwhile, back on the sofa - I've just been reunited with my laptop, fresh back from the laptop doctor's (and the ailing mouse-pad still not fixed) so have been indulging in a little pinterest.  Oh my word, its sooo addictive!!  There may be a lull in craft production while I explore...

Thursday, 5 January 2012

I think they deserved these...

Two of my best friends moved house only days before Christmas (different friends, different houses, same challenges!) - and knowing them as I do, I'll bet they had everything unpacked and festived up in the nick of time; me, I'd be in bedlam for months.  So I made them a little card each and posted them off, one to the wilds of Devon and one to swanky Chislehurst, with lots of love and good wishes.  Not quite the same as being there to help of course, but I was with them in spirit. 

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Christmas present

My lovely Mum gave me this fabulous book, a treasure trove of tempting crafts, all of which I want to try my hand at (well no, some I feel are a bit beyond me, but you get the general idea :)  In particular: hooked rugs, goats cheese, paper making and paper marbling - which I remember dabbling in as a child.  So I have a nice long New Years resolutions list, with a couple of items parked in my 'when we move to Nova Scotia' file due to lack of facilities, space, or, in the case of cheese - a goat!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Christmas Past

Casting a swift look over my shoulder at 2011 before plunging headlong into 2012, I remembered these cushions that I made last Christmas for my lovely husband.  Although cushions might not appear on every blokes' wish list, these were especially made for his den in our Nova Scotian home - I feel I have to explain this, because when one of his mates looked up from his stack of techno-gizmos to enquire what Santa delivered to our house, the reply of 'cushions' resulted in a somewhat non-plussed expression :)   But they look fab in the den on the $25 yard sale sofa, underneath the darts board and the gun rack ( one has to have somewhere to store one's water pistols) - all he needs now is the flat screen TV and beer fridge to sit back in man-heaven comfort.