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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Linen and lace

So here's my swishy 1957 vintage Vogue dress...
.. and here's the petticoat I made out of an assortment of leftovers (including an old linen tablecloth) and a bit of chunky lace from my fabric store.  I forgot what a chore frills are - endless stiching and pulling and pinning and faffing, but I'm pleased with the end result, and even more pleased I made it from scraps and didn't go and buy acres of net.  I've decided I want to wear cotton dresses every day of my life - ha, I'd love to see my colleagues faces if I turned up to work in this :)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Vintage dreaming

Well it's been a while - I have been neglecting the 'doing' side of things in favour of a spot of 'thinking' (aka daydreaming on Pinterest :)  But I now have another major source of inspiration - say hello to Dolly.
 My mission is to a) accessorise in a major way, b) load her up each spring with the results of my winter's crafting work and c) dress myself up all vintage-like and sell my wares underneath her pretty awning at craft fairs and markets across the province - now there's a plan...
 Speaking of vintage dress up, I've just made a rather swishy dress for myself from a Vogue Vintage pattern (the short sleeve one, in a pretty blue flower print)....

..... and now I need a fluffy but not tooooo bouncy petticoat to complement it.  Have searched high and low on t'internet and concluded I need to make my own, I'm off fabric shopping so I can make my own.  Am thinking floaty soft net, silk, ribbon and lace - but where to find that perfect pattern?  Back to Pinterest then :)